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STARTUP KING Introduction



Life is a miracle. If you are alive and reading this book today – you have won the lottery of life! Life is the most valuable gift we will ever receive. Our life is a gift. Giving life is a gift. Receiving life is a gift. The question we must answer is, what are we going to do with our life?

We have two options in life. 

Option 1 – living an intentional life. A life with purpose. Dreaming and Dreaming BIG! Designing and Creating. Rising and Climbing. Loving and Sharing. Caring and Building Legacy. An intentional life.

Option 2 – living a life drifting with the wind. A life that settles for whatever life throws its way. Playing it safe. Living in the comfort zone. Dreams aren’t real. A life of limits. A life of regrets. The drifting life.

The startup life is not for the drifter. The startup life is the hardest thing you will ever do in your life. It will push you into the darkest corners of your mind. It will bring some of the most painful season’s life can offer. It will be exciting and it will be disappointing. Disappointing? That word is too soft! You will fail. You will suck. You will win and you will lose. You will win again and you will lose again. 

So you’re probably wondering right now – why is this book starting so negative? Why is Jeremy, “The Startup King” telling me all the negative shit that comes along with being a startup entrepreneur? Why? Because it’s the truth! It’s time for some No Bullshit Business Talk. It’s time to look at what it takes to start a business and what a real startup story looks like. I’m sure there are startup stories out there with a lot less pain than mine – but who truly defines pain? My pain is defined by me. By my journey. By my startup story. 

I still haven’t found an overnight success startup story. Not a real one. There are those startup stories that look like an overnight success – but it’s not the truth. When you dig deep into the details – you find a story, a journey with the pain we all experience in all the seasons of a startup.

My goal with this book is to help those who are thinking about starting a business – or those who feel stuck in a season of their startup to understand they’re not alone on the journey. We all climb and we all fall. We all win and we all lose. The wins feel incredible – and the losses hurt. Failing fucking sucks! The good news is – it’s not the end. Staying down is a decision. I’m here to put my hand out and help you up. You don’t have to be alone in your startup story. I’m here to cheer you on. This is Startup King!

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An intimate story through the journey of an entrepreneurs life. The dreams, the broken dreams, depression, a new dream, and the legacy project.

Jeremy Crawford, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of No Bull Biz, tells all in his very real and raw startup story. He opens up about his Mental Health challenges with Anxiety and Depression, and how the thoughts of Suicide almost pushed him over the edge of a high-level bridge in Canada.

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