Startup King? Yes. I was created for Startup Life. I am proud of the Startup life. Last year I became a certified Life, and Business Coach specializing in…you guessed it, Startups. 2019 took me on a very different journey with my main startup project. I now have multiple startup projects with partners in Canada, the United States, and Asia. I am so incredibly Blessed and Thankful for all the believers in my life. God has brought some amazing Kingdom leaders into my life the last few years who have walked beside me during this startup season. I have seen the supernatural in the last few months, and I want to share that with you as we move into the Momentum chapter. Supernatural? Yes! There are some things you just can’t take credit for, and that is God moving in the supernatural. It is the best place to be.

STARTUP KING Chapter Eight

I was in counseling for a few weeks, and the end of the year was coming to a close. It was almost Christmas, and I was starting to look ahead. I was beginning to dream a little — just a small dream. Nothing crazy, but for the first time in many months, I was feeling hopeful. During the lawsuit, I had spent so much time in bed, just sleeping the days and months away. Eating unhealthy food, and climbing up to the heaviest weight of my life – 283 lbs.

STARTUP KING Chapter Seven

There is so much more to the Fuckup part of this story, so I will unpack a bit more before we pivot into the comeback details. So here is the Fallout. 

So right after Robert cut me the first larger check, it was Go Time! I packed up a little U-Haul trailer we towed behind the Escalade, and loaded up the family for destination: Scottsdale, Arizona – “the AZ.” It was such an exciting time! I can’t even explain to you the feeling as we traveled back down to Arizona on that road trip. I got on the phone with my executive team the week before I left, right after I signed the deal with Robert. Everyone was so excited. This was really happening.


Welcome to the chapter titled: “Fuckup.” Yes, I said the F-Word. I am sorry for anyone that I offend with this book, but this is my story. This is a raw and real story – so everything is going to be real, including the language that is used throughout this crazy story. The truth is – I really did mess this up. It wasn’t all my fault, but in life, you have to “Own Your Shit!”. It was a “Founder Fuckup” and mostly led by my ego. You might want to highlight this line below because it’s the absolute truth. But, before we get into the Founder Fuckup story – we still have some exciting Rise content. So let’s get into it. Let’s go!


The last five years of my life have definitely been some of the most challenging years. Some of the most? No! Definitely the most challenging years of my life to date. So let me unpack this and try to help some of you see some significant road markers, or as we like to call it in the business investor community – Red Flags! You MUST pay close attention to the Red Flags, or you will get Fucked! Period. This is why these next three chapters are in the following order: Rise, Fuckup, and Comeback. These chapters will reveal the Red Flags all along the way. My hope for you is that you will take notes on these experiences – specifically the Red Flags, and you won’t make the same mistakes. 


We are living in a world today that is more connected than ever before. We are connected through technology, social media, and many other platforms. Even though we are so incredibly connected today – loneliness and depression are at an all-time high. Do you know what’s truly crazy about social media? From the outside, looking in everyone’s life looks fantastic. On Facebook, people have thousands of friends but still feel that they have no one at all. Thousands of followers on Instagram. Thousands of connections on LinkedIn. Still, all alone. The one big truth that surrounds us today is when we’re going through difficult times, and specifically struggling with mental health issues – we start to pull back, we isolate, and we hide.

STARTUP KING Chapter Three

In business, it’s all about your network. I’ve heard it said many times – “your network equals your net worth”. It’s not about what you know – it’s all about who you know. I think this is the perfect part of this book to talk about the importance of building a massive network. I started to learn about networks and distribution when I started building a business in the “network marketing” industry. The keyword being “network”. Your network.


If you’ve been around the business world for a while – I’m sure you’ve heard this question asked. Everything surrounding your “Why”. Honestly – the first time I was asked this question was about 10 years ago when I joined a Network Marketing company. The guy who had recruited me sat down with me one evening during the “launch” of my business and asked me to write it out on what was called the “launch document”. I told him I would think about it and write something in there at a later time.


Why me? Why the startup life? I turned 40 this year and I’ve been asking this question for over 22 years. I think I have finally figured it out. All the details surrounding startups? Hell No! I mean why am I here and why am I writing this book? Why was I called to be a Startup Entrepreneur?

STARTUP KING Introduction

Life is a miracle. If you are alive and reading this book today – you have won the lottery of life! Life is the most valuable gift we will ever receive. Our life is a gift. Giving life is a gift. Receiving life is a gift. The question we must answer is, what are we going to do with our life?